General Details
Maximum current
2 A
Throttle Output
0.2 – 5.0 VDC
Operating Voltage
24 VDC
1.5 kg
Tiller Heads Input Devices
Additional Information

The Curtis TH series are tiller heads packaged in a rugged housing that offer an attractive and practical method of controlling 24V electric vehicles.


• Ergonomic design maximizes vehicle and operator productivity while minimizing operator fatigue.
• Nylon PA6-GF30 housing and sealed electronics make the tiller head ideal for use in all types of environments – the tiller head can even be used reliably in the rain.
• Optional proportional switches provide more precise lift and lower control, thereby improving safety.
• A single electrical connector makes wiring easy to install, reducing vehicle assembly costs and eliminating costly wiring errors.
• Highly configurable – Curtis can supply tiller heads for all of your different applications.
• Curtis tiller heads integrate seamlessly with applicable Curtis motor controllers, contactors, and instrumentation

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